Thursday, July 9, 2015

If You're a Conservative, the Left Will Knock the Black Off You

Normally, I'm a little leery any time somebody tells me about "white privilege".  Many of the benefits associated with white privilege are benefits that any rich person has, regardless of race.  But I can confirm one form of white privilege that exists.  I can remain white no matter what my political opinions are.

Non-white people can lose their race by not marching in lock step with the "progressive" left.  Recently, Bobby Jindal was slammed for not being a real Indian anymore.  Apparently, he doesn't immerse himself in Indian culture the way he should and he became a (gasp) Christian.  A non-white person who exercises freedom of choice and religion is transformed into a white person.

But I've also shaken off most of my ancestors' practices.  Unlike my ancestors, I do not eat haggis or regularly attend a Presbyterian church or cleave people's heads off with giant swords.  Nor do I (or will I) EVER play the bagpipes.  And yet I'm still so white that I turn red after standing in the Florida sun for more than 0.62 microseconds.  My exercise of my inalienable rights has not compromised my ethnicity or race in any way.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both get the business about not being real Hispanics.  At least one reporter was so convinced that Ted Cruz had been de-Hispanicked (for lack of a better word), that he felt the urge to ask a barrage of questions designed to verify his Cuban-cred.  Rubio gets similar jazz, but less, because most of his critics still can't get over the fact that he occasionally gets thirsty.

But fewer people get hammered harder than black conservatives.  Tim Scott, Mia Love, Condeleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Colin Powell have been tokenized, Uncle-Tommed or unblackened or otherwise maligned.  Except Colin Powell was reblackened once he said supportive things of Barack Obama.  Which proves my point.  Toeing the progressive line is the only way to hold on to a racial identity.

I can do whatever I want and my race doesn't change.  But an Asian or Hispanic person who doesn't go along with the majority of other Asians or Hispanics is suddenly no longer Asian or Hispanic.  And if a black person dares to adopt conservative values, the left will knock the black off of them.

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