Thursday, August 30, 2012

Racism, the New Terror Alert

Every ten to fifteen seconds, I hear some pundit on the news or Twitter or something accusing Republicans of racism.  I take a look at the Republicans being accused, and I just don't see it.  I don't see clan robes or swastikas.  I see what I always see, pundits and politicians spewing talking points.  Not only is that not racist, it's not even unique to Republicans.

These claims seem increasingly ridiculous.  Republicans note that Obama seems angry, and suddenly Toure' accuses them "niggerization", a new word he invented.  Noting that the president angry is actually an attempt to paint Obama as an "Angry Black Man", which is totally racist.  Then an MSNBC panel notes that the Republicans mention Chicago a lot, and there are lots of black people in Chicago.  Therefore, each such reference is racist.  It couldn't possibly be a reference to the corruption Chicago is known for (and has been known for since the early 20th century), it must be racism.

I had an epiphany after the umpteenth accusation.  In the 2004 race, every time John Kerry made a speech or a public appearance or did anything that might give him momentum, then Homeland Security director Tom Ridge would appear, on cue, and tell the country there was a terror alert.  I suppose this can't be proven, but the timing was a little too convenient.

Now Republicans are accused of racism in a similar fashion.  Mitt Romney goes to New York and give a speech, and some protester is constantly screaming that he's a racist.  Mitt Romney makes a wisecrack about his birth certificate and he's a racist.  And now that the convention is on, accusations of racism seem to be drowning out everything.

That appears to be the point.  Drown out the convention, distract attention, render any momentum useless.  Just like the way terror alerts were used in 2004.  A mild jibe about a birth certficate isn't racist.  Calling the president "angry" or noting that he's from Chicago isn't racist.  All of these accusations of racism prove one thing:  Democrats are working double shifts at the outrage factory.  I'm getting sick of it. 

I haven't yet decided who I'm going to vote for.  I'm not a partisan, because partisans do stupid stuff.  Like invent reasons to be offended.  These constant questionable accusations do nothing to change my opinion of Mitt Romney.  If anything, they make me question the integrity of Democrats.  I'll still be reserving my final decision until after the debates.  But the manufacturers of race outrage are really making it difficult for me to give the president a fair shake.  Keep it up Dems, and you're just going to make your guy look bad.

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