Monday, July 23, 2012

Just another guy who suddenly felt the urge to write/vent on the internet

Let me first be clear about one thing.  I call this website a blog under protest.  One has little choice when making a website through Google Blogger.  I abhor the terms “blog”, “blogger”, and “blogging”.  To me, “blogging” sounds like a dirty sex act one performs in a back alley behind a strip club. 

So what’s the point of starting yet another (gag) blog?  Another blog that focuses mostly on society, culture, and politics?  I see people screaming at each other on television, the internet, or maybe out in the street.  Everybody seems to think they know what’s best.  Worse, they think anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot, or perhaps an evil genius intent on destroying the country.  But I’ve seen enough to see that both sides frequently have a point.  And I’m sick to death of all of it.  So most of what I post here will be an attempt to cut through the drek spewed from the minds of the crazy.

I’m a fairly ordinary guy.  I’ve got no problem being ordinary.  I’ve seen enough to develop a healthy respect for ordinary people, and I never make the mistake of confusing ordinary with mediocre.  Let’s face it, America is a country founded by peasants, outcasts and nobodies.  Ordinary people who turned it into the largest economy in the world.  Despite all of our failings (some more recent than others), we still give people hope all over the world.  I know, because they come here to visit, or even stay, all the time.

I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve lived high on the hog and also had times where I barely scraped by.  I failed out of one university, but graduated with near perfect grades and a master’s degree from another.  I’ve had great jobs for great employers, and I’ve been forced to work in lousy jobs for little pay just to squeeze by.  I’ve had some great careers, but I’ve also been laid off twice in my life.  That’s why I had to switch careers so many times.

This gives me somewhat unique perspective.  I’ve seen the value of hard work and know that I couldn’t be where I am without taking responsibility for my own life.  I also know I couldn’t have done it without help, including occasional government help.  I make more than most people do, and I know I’ve earned it.  I deserve it, because I’ve worked hard for it.  But I’ve also seen people who make more in a month than their employees make all year with overtime, and that occasionally pisses me off.

In other words, I’ve seen that both of the opposing ideals in America have value.  Usually, they both have a point.  And it’s infuriating to see either side treat the other like it’s composed entirely of idiots.  If they can’t even be in the same room, nothing’s ever getting done.  The problem with America isn’t the ideals; it’s the idealogues.  In my own way, I’ll try to bring back a dash of sanity.  Or maybe I’ll just rant and rave about random stuff.  We’ll see.

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